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What if you could install a better water system in LESS time than it takes to drain the entire system? With Franklin Electric's SubDrive Utility, you can. Remarkably easy to install, SubDrive Utility is designed to convert a conventional pump system to a variable speed constant pressure system by simply replacing the pressure switch and control box. 

During this 60-minute webinar, Franklin Electric Southeast Region Field Service Engineer, Bob Lilland, will provide a focused look at the SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility. This session will cover the fundamentals of SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility including product features and benefits, applications, and wiring and setup. This webinar will also briefly touch on a new addition coming soon to the SubDrive product family, SubDrive Utility UT3P. This new model will be suitable for both 3-wire and 3-phase submersible pumps, as well as 3-phase surface pumps. Tune in to learn how SubDrive Utility can provide a simplified, constant pressure solution for your customers.  

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