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Would you like to offer your customer the most efficient, powerful, and well-protected submersible motor system ever available to the groundwater industry? For many long- or continuous-run applications, the MagForce™ High Efficiency Motor System makes this possible. Utilizing permanent magnet motor technology, the MagForce motor offers a 90% motor efficiency rating, which is up to 12% higher than traditional submersible motor designs. These motor systems are available today for use in all standard applications where you would install a 7.5 HP to 60 HP system.

During this 60-minute webinar, Franklin Electric Western Region Field Service Engineer, Todd Hofstra, will cover a mix of both the benefits and technical aspects of the MagForce High Efficiency Motor System. This session will explain permanent magnet motor construction, comparing the differences between an induction and permanent magnet motor. This session will also cover installation, operation, and drive requirements. Register today to learn more about how you can provide your customer with a more efficient solution.

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