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Do you need a pumping solution for a shallow set or corrosive application? If so, consider Franklin Electric's proven portfolio of vertical lineshaft turbines. Using a standard, above-ground motor, vertical lineshaft turbines eliminate the need for drop cable. With no minimum flow or speed requirements, vertical lineshaft turbines also provide excellent radial load tolerance and higher horsepower options. This NEW offering, added to Franklin Electric's submersible turbine portfolio, helps you easily select the right pump for the job.

A technical twist on our May 8 customer-facing webinar, these two identical virtual training workshops are available ONLY to Headwater Companies. During each workshop, Franklin Electric Commercial Business Manager, Shane Wright, will present a detailed discussion of Vertical Lineshaft Turbine key components and the specifics of Franklin Electric's Vertical Lineshaft and Submersible Turbine offerings. Register for a workshop today to learn how vertical lineshaft turbines, combined with our portfolio of submersible turbines, can cover almost ALL of your pumping application needs.

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