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  • Ammeter: Measuring Amperage

    A clamp-on ammeter allows you to measure current in your submersible installation system without breaking the circuit. Amperage, obtained from measuring current, can tell you whether or not a motor is overloaded or underloaded.

    • Duration 4m
  • Ammeter: What is Current?

    Current is measured by an ammeter in amperage or “amps.” Why this is valuable? Amperage tells you how hard the pump and motor are working.

    • Duration 2m
  • Capacitor Tester: Troubleshooting

    For larger, single-phase Franklin Electric control boxes, troubleshoot the start and run capacitors using a capacitor tester.

    • Duration 3m
  • Capacitor Tester: What is a Capacitor?

    This video takes a look at megohmmeters, or meggers, and how you can measure insulation resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your ENTIRE installation.

    • Duration 2m
  • Enter to WIN

    As a part of our new site launch, we're running a GIVEAWAY CONTEST. From December 3 - March 1, Groundwater professionals who enroll and complete this Residential Submersible Systems Certification course will be entered to win one of 12 UEi...

    • Rating 5.0
  • FE Select

    Are you busy? Of course you are. Between sizing, configuring, and quoting products for your customers, it can be time-consuming to flip through catalogs for product information. Meet FE Select. FE Select, an online sizing tool that quickly configures and...

    • Duration 19m
  • How to Assemble A SSI Series Submersible Pump

    During this video, we'll show you just how easy it is to build a SSI Series Submersible Pump. We'll take you through the entire, start to finish, build process.  This SSI Series Submersible Pump is assembled at Franklin Electric Build Centers. Certified...

    • Duration 7m
  • How to Register for a Certification Event

    In 2008 the Franklin Electric Certified Contractor Program was introduced. Focused on water system professionals who install Franklin Electric products, this program was designed to distinguish contractors who make a commitment to Franklin Electric products, and their proper installation, application,...

    • How to Sell SubDrive & MonoDrive Utility

      We've come a long way in the water systems industry. The SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility are proof. Here's the opportunity, the sales process, and the benefits of SubDrive & MonoDrive Utility. 

      • Duration 10m
      • Rating 5.0
    • How to Use FE Direct NEXT

      FE Direct NEXT is here! Let's get you up to speed. To learn more about login & navigation, price & availability, order history, invoices, the mobile application, and more, view these training videos.

      • Duration 30m
      • Beginner
    • Installing MonoDrive Utility is EASY.

      The MonoDrive Utility is designed to convert a conventional pump system to a variable speed constant pressure system by simply replacing the pressure switch and control box.

      • Duration 3m
    • Live Training

      Take your installation, application, and troubleshooting skills to the next level by earning a Certified Contractor certification. Offered through FranklinTECH, choose a certification course, live or online, to validate your skills and stand out from the competition. Learn more about...

      • Megohmmeter: Measuring Insulation Resistance

        This video takes a look at megohmmeters, or meggers, and how you can measure insulation resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your ENTIRE installation.

        • Duration 4m
      • New to FranklinTECH Online?

        Think of FranklinTECH Online as your personalized training coach. We're here to provide you with certifications, quick guides, troubleshooting tips, and industry insights to help you and your team learn Franklin Electric products.

        • Duration 2m
        • Rating 4.5
      • Ohmmeter: Measuring Winding Resistance

        This video takes a look at ohmmeters and how to measure winding resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your motor.

        • Duration 3m
      • Ohmmeter: What is Resistance?

        In a water system we have something called friction loss. It turns out we have the same thing in an electrical system, known as resistance.This video takes a look at ohmmeters, and how they can help determine the condition of...

        • Duration 3m
      • OJT is NOT a Growth Strategy

        Training people is tough. Training new people is even tougher. But's not the solution. Here's how FranklinTECH Online can help.

        • Quick Tips: Residential Submersible Systems

          During this Quick Tips: Residential Submersible Systems video series, Mark Reeder explains five topics commonly misunderstood to those new to residential submersible water systems. 

          • Duration 30m
        • Residential Submersible Systems Certification

          This Certified Contractor course unpacks the Franklin Electric residential submersible products, along with what you need to know in order to properly size, install, and troubleshoot. During this course, students will complete a series of self-paced modules and quizzes focused...

          • Duration 3.5h
        • Sign Up Today

          Have you signed up for FranklinTECH Online? Here's why you should. 

          • Duration 3m