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  • COMING SOON | How to Install & Setup the SubDrive Connect Plus

    If you are in need of a higher horsepower variable frequency drive, install submersible and centrifugal pump applications, and want an easy-to-use interface and mobile app capabilities, this course is for you. A member of the SubDrive product family, the...

    • Duration 30m
  • Basic Hydraulics and Terminology

    Confused by the language of the pump industry? Here's a brief history of the centrifugal pump, terminology, and styles of the Pioneer Pump brand. 

    • Duration 11m
  • Introduction to Pioneer Pump®

    Save money and time by quickly selecting the right pump for the job. This introductory series covers the core concepts used to design, select, and size the right Pioneer Pump. 

    • Path
    • Duration 55m
  • Mid-Level System Design - Part 1

    Let's walk through some definitions and example calculations to help you learn the basic methodology of analyzing the piping system for a pump.

    • Duration 12m
  • Mid-Level System Design - Part 2

    Learn further details on different pump arrangements, concepts, and calculations to help you size a pump. This session also introduces pump curves. 

    • Duration 13m
  • New Workshop Sessions

    Do you need a pumping solution for a shallow set or corrosive application? If so, consider Franklin Electric's proven portfolio of vertical lineshaft turbines. Using a standard, above-ground motor, vertical lineshaft turbines eliminate the need for drop cable. With no...

    • Event
  • SubDrive Utility UT3P Virtual DIP Switch Guide

    Practice your DIP switch skills before heading out to the jobsite. One of the last steps to completing a SubDrive Utility UT3P installation is selecting the motor type. With 26 different motor possibilities, incorrectly configuring the drive for the motor...

    • Rating 3.0
  • SubDrive Utility UT3P Installation

    View the full SubDrive Utility UT3P Installation video to learn the simple installation process for this constant pressure solution. The Franklin Electric SubDrive Utility UT3P is a variable frequency drive (VFD) designed to control and protect 3-wire, single-phase 230V motors,...

    • Duration 8m
  • Installation Videos

    This page is home for every installation video Franklin Electric provides to you, our dealer and distributor partners. Click on available videos below to view quick installation processes and procedures.

    • Webinar

      Would you like to offer your customer the most efficient, powerful, and well-protected submersible motor system ever available to the groundwater industry? For many long- or continuous-run applications, the MagForce™ High Efficiency Motor System makes this possible. Utilizing permanent magnet...

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    • Webinars

      View recorded, on-demand webinar sessions at your convenience below. Each session features Franklin Electric industry experts.

      • And the winners are...

        The results are in! Congratulations to the 12 randomly selected winners of our UEi DMEG3 megger launch campaign contest giveaway! 

        • Throw Water On It

          Pit fires are relatively rare in racing these days, but they do happen. In the midst of high-tech sports and modern firefighting, the first line of fire safety defense remains a 5-gallon bucket of water.

          • How to Use Team Assignments

            On average, a person needs 22 messages to reinforce an idea. That's a lot. With our new team assignments function, we can help. 

            • My First Experience as a Well Owner

              After being with Franklin Electric for more than 20 years, a couple of years ago, I purchases a house with a private water system--otherwise known as a water well. There's some irony here in that after talking about Franklin products...

              • How to Select a Pump Using FE Select

                Are you busy? Of course you are. Between sizing, configuring, and quoting products for your customers, it can be time-consuming to flip through catalogs for product information. Meet FE Select. FE Select, an online sizing tool that quickly configures and...

                • Duration 19m
              • How to Register for a Certification Event

                In 2008 the Franklin Electric Certified Contractor Program was introduced. Focused on water system professionals who install Franklin Electric products, this program was designed to distinguish contractors who make a commitment to Franklin Electric products, and their proper installation, application,...