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Live Events
  • Capacitor Tester: What is a Capacitor?

    This video takes a look at megohmmeters, or meggers, and how you can measure insulation resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your ENTIRE installation.

    • Duration 2m
  • Mid-Level System Design - Part 2

    Learn further details on different pump arrangements, concepts, and calculations to help you size a pump. This session also introduces pump curves. 

    • Duration 13m
  • Live Training

    Take your installation, application, and troubleshooting skills to the next level by earning a Certified Contractor certification. Offered through FranklinTECH, choose a certification course, live or online, to validate your skills and stand out from the competition. Learn more about...

    • Sign Up Today

      Have you signed up for FranklinTECH Online? Here's why you should. 

      • Duration 3m
    • How to Use FE Direct NEXT

      FE Direct NEXT is here! Let's get you up to speed. To learn more about login & navigation, price & availability, order history, invoices, the mobile application, and more, view these training videos.

      • Duration 30m
      • Beginner
    • How to Sell SubDrive & MonoDrive Utility

      We've come a long way in the water systems industry. The SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility are proof. Here's the opportunity, the sales process, and the benefits of SubDrive & MonoDrive Utility. 

      • Duration 10m
      • Rating 5.0
    • Slow Down & Have A Conversation

      The term "sales" often has a reputation for selling customers things they don't need or even want. Truly successful sales people will tell you that's not how they do business.

      • My First Experience as a Well Owner

        After being with Franklin Electric for more than 20 years, a couple of years ago, I purchases a house with a private water system--otherwise known as a water well. There's some irony here in that after talking about Franklin products...

        • And the winners are...

          The results are in! Congratulations to the 12 randomly selected winners of our UEi DMEG3 megger launch campaign contest giveaway! 

          • How to Use Team Assignments

            On average, a person needs 22 messages to reinforce an idea. That's a lot. With our new team assignments function, we can help. 

            • Your Next Customer

              You may or may not have noticed, but we are in the midst of a seismic demographic shift here in the United States. Twenty years ago, baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) made up about 50% of the population....

              • Duration 4m
            • Quick Tips: Residential Submersible Systems

              During this Quick Tips: Residential Submersible Systems video series, Mark Reeder explains five topics commonly misunderstood to those new to residential submersible water systems. 

              • Duration 30m
            • Webinar

              Would you like to offer your customer the most efficient, powerful, and well-protected submersible motor system ever available to the groundwater industry? For many long- or continuous-run applications, the MagForce™ High Efficiency Motor System makes this possible. Utilizing permanent magnet...

              • Event
            • I Want Options!

              Few water systems contractors offer their customers options. People, especially homeowners, want options and to be a part of the decision-making process.

              • How to Register for a Certification Event

                In 2008 the Franklin Electric Certified Contractor Program was introduced. Focused on water system professionals who install Franklin Electric products, this program was designed to distinguish contractors who make a commitment to Franklin Electric products, and their proper installation, application,...

                • Installation Videos

                  This page is home for every installation video Franklin Electric provides to you, our dealer and distributor partners. Click on available videos below to view quick installation processes and procedures.

                  • New Workshop Sessions

                    Do you need a pumping solution for a shallow set or corrosive application? If so, consider Franklin Electric's proven portfolio of vertical lineshaft turbines. Using a standard, above-ground motor, vertical lineshaft turbines eliminate the need for drop cable. With no...

                    • Event