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  • Ammeter: Measuring Amperage

    A clamp-on ammeter allows you to measure current in your submersible installation system without breaking the circuit. Amperage, obtained from measuring current, can tell you whether or not a motor is overloaded or underloaded.

    • Duration 4m
  • How to Assemble a SSI Series Submersible Pump

    During this video, we'll show you just how easy it is to build a SSI Series Submersible Pump. We'll take you through the entire, start to finish, build process.  This SSI Series Submersible Pump is assembled at Franklin Electric Build Centers. Certified...

    • Duration 7m
  • Ammeter: What is Current?

    Current is measured by an ammeter in amperage or “amps.” Why this is valuable? Amperage tells you how hard the pump and motor are working.

    • Duration 2m
  • OJT is NOT a Growth Strategy

    Training people is tough. Training new people is even tougher. But's not the solution. Here's how FranklinTECH Online can help.

    • Voltmeter: What is Voltage?

      One of the basic concepts we have to understand while troubleshooting a submersible water system is voltage -- measured with a Voltmeter. Key takeaway from this segment: voltage is pressure.

      • Duration 2m
    • Slow Down & Have A Conversation

      The term "sales" often has a reputation for selling customers things they don't need or even want. Truly successful sales people will tell you that's not how they do business.

      • Capacitor Tester: What is a Capacitor?

        This video takes a look at megohmmeters, or meggers, and how you can measure insulation resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your ENTIRE installation.

        • Duration 2m