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  • Residential Submersible Systems Certification

    This course qualifies for Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks continuing education credits. This certification course unpacks Franklin Electric residential submersible products, along with what you need to know in order to properly size, install, and troubleshoot. During...

    • Path
    • Duration 3.5h
    • Rating 5.0
  • Slow Down & Have A Conversation

    The term "sales" often has a reputation for selling customers things they don't need or even want. Truly successful sales people will tell you that's not how they do business.

    • GRID PRO University: Live Training

      With the option to conduct training in a classroom setting or on-site, GRID PRO University provides the flexibility to accommodate the needs of any organization.

      • HVAC Condensate 101 VCCA-20ULS & VCCA-20-P

        Run through tutorial on the features and benefits of the VCCA-20ULS and VCCA-20-P. These condensate removal pumps are designed for automatic collection and removal of condensate air conditioning, refrigeration, and dehumidification equipment when gravity drainage is not possible or practical....

        • Beginner
      • Sign Up with GRID PRO University

        GRID PRO University is the industry’s premier training, certification, and resource tool for installation professionals. Register an account to gain access to courses and e-Learning certification.

        • How to Register for a Certification Event

          In 2008 the Franklin Electric Certified Contractor Program was introduced. Focused on water system professionals who install Franklin Electric products, this program was designed to distinguish contractors who make a commitment to Franklin Electric products, and their proper installation, application,...

          • Welcome to GRID PRO University

            GRID PRO University is the industry’s premier training, certification, and resource tool for installation professionals. It’s about being safe. It’s about staying educated. It's about getting the job done right.

            • Webinar

              Product selection and configuration should be easy, for both new and experienced users. We'd like to introduce you to Pioneer Pump® products on FE Select, a digital pump software tool that makes product selection and configuration easy for distributors and...

              • Event
              • Duration 45m
            • Little Giant Core Sump Pumps and Switches

              Opening the door to Little Giant Core Sump Pumps that are the choice of the Contractors who use them and the Distributors that sell them. With several horsepower, performance, and switch options, Little Giant Sump pumps offer reliable solutions making...

              • Beginner
            • Ohmmeter: Measuring Winding Resistance

              This video takes a look at ohmmeters and how to measure winding resistance in a submersible motor. Why is this important? So you can know the condition of your motor. 

              • Duration 1m
              • Rating 4.0
            • Webinar

              You're familiar with FE Select, Franklin Electric's online sizing tool that quickly configures and quotes Franklin Electric products. Now, simplify your configuration tasks for Franklin Electric's FVT Series Vertical Lineshaft Turbines while having the flexibility to focus on the details that...

              • Event
              • Duration 45m
            • Webinar

              Would you like to offer your customer the most efficient, powerful, and well-protected submersible motor system ever available to the groundwater industry? For many long- or continuous-run applications, the MagForce™ High Efficiency Motor System makes this possible. Utilizing permanent magnet...

              • Event
            • Webinar

              Looking to boost pressure in a commercial building, mining & construction, or municipal & wastewater application? We have a solution.  Engineered with high performance VR Series pumps and premium efficiency TEFC motors, the VR SpecPAK™ Pressure Boosting System can be...

              • Event
              • Duration 1h
            • Ammeter: Full Load Amperage vs. Service Factor Amperage

              A clamp-on ammeter allows you to measure current in your submersible installation system without breaking the circuit. Amperage, obtained from measuring current, can tell you whether or not a motor is overloaded or underloaded.

              • Duration 2m
              • Rating 4.0