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Course Summary

This Certified Contractor course unpacks Franklin Electric residential submersible products, along with what you need to know in order to properly size, install, and troubleshoot. During this course, you will complete a series of self-paced modules and quizzes focused on electricity and product fundamentals, sizing and installation, and troubleshooting checks. This course takes about 3.5 hours to complete.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of basic electrical and industry terminology and concepts
  • Ability to identify submersible water systems components
  • Understanding of basic installation power and cooling practices
  • Understanding of basic troubleshooting checks


  • Showcase your Franklin Certified Contractor industry expertise to potential and repeat customers

Wondering what the Certified Contractor program is?

Take your installation, application, and troubleshooting skills to the next level by earning a Certified Contractor certification. Offered through FranklinTECH, choose a certification course, live or online, to validate your skills and stand out from the competition.