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Course Summary

This course introduces you to FE Select, an online sizing tool that quickly configures and quotes Franklin Electric products, providing you the ability to select, configure, view pricing, and generate quotes for your pump and control choices. During this course, students will complete a series of self-paced modules, featuring an overview of FE Select, configuring and quoting a centrifugal pump, and configuring and quoting a Build Center submersible pump. To complete the course, pass a brief quiz. This course takes approximately 19 minutes to complete.


  • You must complete this course in 90 days

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of how to access and navigate FE Select
  • Ability to select and configure a pump
  • Describe the different ways to view pump curves
  • Ability to use the Online Catalog to find a pump
  • Ability to select and configure a Build Center submersible pump