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Downtime is expensive. 

With a limited number of days to operate in the agriculture industry, any downtime while growing and harvesting crops or managing livestock can lead to a lower crop yield or decreased livestock value. Make every day of your pumping season productive with HWR Series Wear-Resistant Pumps. 

A cost-effective solution for manure agitation, Pioneer Pump® HWR Series Wear-Resistant Pumps are durable and reliable for the most abrasive applications. This series is manufactured with high-chrome alloy to maximize resistance against destructive abrasives, while maintaining longer peak performance in demanding applications including manure, slurry, and fly ash pumping. Compared to other wear-resistant pumps, the HWR Series is designed with thicker casing walls, oversized wetted parts, and a heavy duty bearing frame for higher durability and longer life. Easily serviced, the axial-style wear ring design allows you to quickly and easily adjust and tighten. 

Tune in to this 1-hour webinar, presented by Franklin Electric Northeast Territory Manager, Adam Schantz, to learn more.